Important News: 26/10/2016 - Call for Presentations to Lua Devroom at FOSDEM 2017
Important News: 04/05/2016 - Community news #2
Important News: 11/12/2015 - Blog opening and contribution guide

About Lua.Space

Lua Space is an initiative to serve as a community hub to distribute news, technical posts and general discussions on everything related to the Lua programming language. Or, as the name says, a Lua space that is written by the community. Subscribe to our RSS feed if you wish to be notified when there's new content.

Alternatively, we also recommend the official Lua mailing list and the Lua Forum for community discussions.

Posting at Lua.Space

  • Fork our git repository
  • Write your post using the markdown syntax
  • Put it in one of the category directories inside posts or create a new one
  • The md file should be named in the same way you wish the url to be + .md
  • The convention is all lower case separating words by hyphens Ex.:
  • Edit the file posts_meta.lua adding an entry for your post and your author details
  • Just follow the pattern of the other entries already there :)
  • Commit and make a pull request
  • By making a pull request you certify that you are sharing your post and allowing it to be published here
  • We will never modify your original post unless for typo fixes or if you require to do so
  • You'll still own all the copyrights of your post




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